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TOMs Ladder Competition – collect points to win prizes!

We are starting a new TOMs Ladder program for 2022.  The Ladder has been introduced to increase participation, improve skills, encourage everyone to have the opportunity to skipper (not just the approved CBYA skippers), include different levels of experience, and encourage team work. But mainly participation should be FUN! 

We use white sails only, with a crew of 3-4.

Special 2022 Ladder Racing Rules can be viewed by clicking HERE.

Briefing notes can be viewed HERE

Every crew member will accumulate individual points during each event, and will sail with different crew each time.

There is no commitment, if you don’t like it, you can drop out of the competition at any time.

Skippers names will be drawn,  and the remainder added to the crew, who will also be picked at random.  Beginners will be spread between different  boats.   Each TOM will have an approved CBYA Skipper to bring the boat in and out of port.

Further details will follow with the crew list each day.

Proposed Ladder Dates:  See

More details can be seen at 

This is a great opportunity for members who have not yet sailed on the TOMs.

So please come along and have fun by participating in the TOMs Ladder! 

Chris de Boer

TOMs Ladder Organiser

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