Costa Blanca, Spain

How Tricky D & Crew Beat COVID and Survived Tropical Storm Janus

On Monday 22nd November, Richard Jones, and most of the crew of TrickyD, gave an interesting and entertaining presentation on their 2020 cruise to the Ionian Sea. The talk was well-attended and took place at the Jávea Players Studio theatre.

The crew comprised Diana Jarvis, Amanda & Steve Topson, and Victor Ubeda. Unfortunately the latter was unable to attend the presentation.

They explained how TrickyD managed to avoid the Tropical Storm Janus, and to make the almost 3000 nautical mile cruise in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

After the presentation, we enjoyed a tapas meal at the nearby Area 1 Restaurant.

Another excellent CBYA Social event!

Well done to the Social Team.

Peter English 

Social Secretary



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