Costa Blanca, Spain

New CBYA Merchandise Now Available

      Since it is prohibitively expensive to buy our merchandise from the UK post-BREXIT,  we have now resourced from Spanish suppliers, and have          negotiated a special deal with a supplier based in Calpe.

       Please go to

      Type the model number in the right hand box (SEARCH) and click {Read More} to see details and sizes. 

      Click on the colour to find the colour code.

     MEN AND UNISEX:  All with logo                                      
      • Regular Polo shirt     

       PORA210     Sizes XS to 3XL,  85% Cotton/15% Viscose

       Comment:  A lady, size UK12, found a S good, as not so fitted as a ladies model and slightly longer on the sleeve.  Slightly longer in the         body.

       Price  13 euros

      • T-shirt  Men and Unisex     

        Round neck

       TSRA150      Sizes XS to 3XL,  85% Cotton/15% Viscose

       Price 8 euros

      • Premium T-shirt Men and Unisex

       Round neck

      TSRA190      Sizes XS to 3XL, 85% Cotton/15% Viscose

      Comment: Slightly thicker material than the 150 model.

     Price 8.50 euros

    Unisex Sweatshirt with logo

      SWRA290  Sizes XS to 3XL,  65% Polyester/35% Cotton

     Price 17 euros

     LADIES: All with logo
      • Regular polo shirt   

       POPL200      Sizes S to 3XL,  85% Cotton/15% Viscose

      Price 12.50 euros

      • Regular T shirt Comfort 

      TSRLCMF    Sizes S to 3XL, 85% Cotton/15% Viscose

      Round neck

      Comments:  Shorter sleeves than a S man’s t-shirt  Shaped body.

      Price 8 euros

      • Regular Lady Comfort T-shirt   


      V Neck

      Comment: As above except the neckline. Lots of colours but no yellow.

     Price 8 euros

     Baseball Caps with logo

Please go to Cap promotional Panel (GO7008) Fuchsia | Roly

      • ROLY  CAP PANEL (GO7008)

          Select colour (CBYA are only ordering Royal Blue, Yellow, White and Navy due required minimum order quantity)
One size, panelled, 100% cotton
         Price 6.50 euros (including embroidered logo)


      1. Select item, number of units, colour and sizes.
      2. Shirt colours have a two letter code (e.g., RB for Royal Blue).
      3. Click HERE to send email to Ally to advise your choices .
      4. We will request a final quote from the supplier to confirm prices and check that all items are available.
      5. Firm order to be placed during August 2021.
      6. Payment to be made in advance to the CBYA account.
      7. Free delivery to Calpe.
      8. Ally will collect the merchandise from Calpe and email a notification to you. Please pick up purchases from her as soon as possible.
      9. For for those ordering merchandise for the CBYA Greek Charter, but not travelling from Spain, your group will to hand carry to Athens for you.
      10. NOTE: anyone else purchasing merchandise, and paying from bank accounts outside Spain, that a mandatory €18 commission fee applies post-BREXIT!

       Ally O’Brien

CBYA Merchandise Co-ordinator



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