Costa Blanca, Spain

Diana Returns to the HOBie Cats

Well, after not being on the Hobie Cats for several years, I was absolutely delighted to sail on Friday 23 June.
I had gone to Les Bassetes with my family, who love the place. Quite by chance the CBYA were there, and had spare places. My son-in-law, Erik, and I jumped at the opportunity. He loved the experience.

It was wonderful. I am still smiling and need to relearn how to sail the damned things. So will now be a regular for the rest of the season.

Bob was a good understudy for Monique as Hobie Cat Organiser.
Thank you to all the CBYA members who were there today.
Especial thanks to my skipper, Enrico, for his gentle guidance.
A man with three lady crew members……. I think he enjoyed it as well.

Go team CBYA!

Diana Jarvis

Editor’s Note: We had three Hobies out on the water that day, with skippers Enrico, Chris & Hugh. The wind increased throughout the 2-hours, and made for some exhilarating sailing on a “confused” sea!

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So great you are sailing cat again Diana!

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