Costa Blanca, Spain

Are You Flying Your CBYA Pennant?

All CBYA members who own boats on the Costa Blanca are encouraged to fly a CBYA pennant.


  1. Because we would like you to promote the CBYA to other potential members who own boats.
  2. Because you should show that you are proud to be a member of the fastest-growing sailing association on the Costa Blanca!
  3. Because they are issued free to CBYA members who own boats on the Costa Blanca!

If you think that you qualify, and you would like to have one, please contact us by clicking HERE.

Any newly-qualified CBYA TOMs skipper will also be presented with a CBYA pennant to fly on the backstay when they are skippering a TOM. Hopefully, they will then remember to bring them along and fly them!

PS: This is not the way to fly a CBYA pennant!

The Committee

June 2021



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