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What’s different about catamaran sailing?

You have two hulls on a Hobie Getaway, no keel nor centre board. You sit on a trampoline, balance the boat with your own weight by hiking out, or by using a trapeze. The boat weighs 177 kg, and has about 17 m2 of sail. A catamaran is relatively easy to sail, but hard to sail well, because it immediately loses speed when your sails are too tight, or too loose. You sheet in and out all the time, looking for the wind. Tacking may be more difficult because of the two hulls, but that makes gybing more stable. If you do mind getting wet, maybe Hobie Cat sailing is not your thing!

What I love about catamaran sailing is the feeling of acceleration, out on the trapeze upwind, and surfing on the waves downwind!

Join us on Friday afternoon, June 4th, for the first CBYA cat sail of the season!

 Fun for cat lovers, as well as for newbies….

  • Experienced catamaran sailor? Have 2 hours of fun in beautiful Bassetes Bay!

We rent Hobie Getaways from  Las Antipodas Watersports, Les Bassetes, Ctra. Calpe-Moraira, Km.2.

The cats are rigged and ready to go.

  • Do you want to improve your cat sailing, and learn how to get out on the wire?

Experienced cat sailors act as skippers and take 2 or 3 crew out on a Hobie Cat

Trapeze and harness are provided free of charge for those who want to hike out.

  • Never sailed a small catamaran? Get the feel of a light, fast accelerating cat.

With cat sailing you will get wet… from the spray, or maybe if you capsize. Don’t worry, a cat is easy to right, but you have to be physically fit enough to climb back on board. Life jackets are provided but bring a change of clothes, because you have to wade through the water to get to the cat.

We sail most Fridays from June till mid-September, check the CBYA calendar.

Non sailing partners can watch the sailors from the lovely Coral Beach Las Bassetes terrace.

We meet at 3 pm at the Coral Beach terrace for instructions, safety briefing, decide who sails on which cat, and get ready to sail (putting on a life jackets, etc.) Because of the pandemic, changing facilities are limited, only toilets are available. You can park at the marina if you are lucky, otherwise park in nearby streets.

We sail between 3.30- 5.30 pm

2 hours of fun for 25€ per person.

Pay the cat coordinator, or your skipper, in cash before sailing. To sail you need to be a CBYA member, and have suitable insurance. We follow all COVID health restrictions, although you don’t have to wear a mask on a cat. However, it is your choice if you want to wear one.

Afterwards sailing we relax on the terrace and have sundowners with a view of the Peñón.

More info or want to sail? Contact Monique Neyzen (Hobie Cat Co-ordinator) by clicking HERE

Monique can make you a member of the CBYA Hobie Cat Whatsapp group, which is our main form of communication. This will provide all invitations, and allow you to sign up if you wish to sail. Sailors always check messages before leaving home, in case of cancelation due to too much wind, or not enough wind, when we may offer alternatives such as stand-up paddling, canoeing or surfing. We also share photographs through the Whatsapp group.

Please note that all sailors have to be paid-up members of the CBYA and have signed the disclaimer. Click HERE to view the wording.

The CBYA Committee strongly recommends that, as from 1st January 2021, all sailing members should purchase their own insurance which will cover them for any CBYA sailing activities. This includes dinghy and Hobie Cat sailors, as well as those that join the monthly CBYA day charters and annual CBYA charter holiday trips.
Click HERE for more details.


Hobie Cat Co-ordinator

+31 6 18095287

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Signing up went quickly: we are allready full for June 4th!

But you can e mail me ( if you are interested in cat sailing and want to recieve updates, or want to sign up for June 11th or June 25th. I ll make you a member of our cbya cat app group.
For June 18th I am still looking for skippers.

Hope to see all Hobiecat lovers soon!

*June 11th is now full too. But you can sign up for cat sailing on June 18th and 25th.

* June 18th we will probably start half an hour earlier, meet at 2.30 pm sail between 3 -5pm

* June 25th the usual time meeting 3 pm and sailing between 3.30 – 5.30 pm.

Monique cat co-ordinator
0031 618095287

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