Costa Blanca, Spain

Dinghy Day Temporarily Suspended

The Dinghy Day sailing on Tuesday 19th January started quite quietly, but within an hour of us arriving the wind increased, and as it was from the south, the waves in the bay were challenging. Despite the conditions, four of our best dinghy sailors gave the social watchers an entertaining afternoon.

Thanks to Peter and his crew on the safety boat who were very happy to come in when I gave the order!…they were all very cold!

The sailors, Fernando, James, Karen and Monique performed a great sailing demonstration and survived to join us for a drink on my bridge before we all left at 5pm.

Great sailing, lovely social gathering (4 per table) thanks to all who came.

NOTE: Due to the latest health restrictions, we have decided to suspend Dinghy Day until further notice. An announcement will be made when we are able to restart.

Watch this space and stay safe!

Bob Gordon

Dinghy Section Co-ordinator

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