Costa Blanca, Spain

First Dinghy Day of 2021

The pictures prove that everyone was determined to make 2021 better than 2020. We abided by all the rules and guidelines regarding all the recent COVID local regulations. What we achieved was fantastic….exercise, fun, mental rehabilitation,…and the pleasure of just being together!

You are a great crew… all learning new skills every time, and sharing them with each other. CBYA at it’s best in very difficult circumstances. Look out for a few coming days of rainy weather, but we will all meet again on Wednesday 13th at 11.00am this time, as the cafe will be back open, but has to close by 5pm…so we have time to debrief on my bridge….tables of 4 this time.

Bob Gordon

…from the Admiral’s Bridge

(and yes to keep them all quiet, I did sail!)

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Well done Bob!

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