Costa Blanca, Spain

Final Dinghy Day of 2020 – Another Amazing Day

Final Dinghy Day of 2020

A culmination of just about everything we have had on Dinghy Days since we started after the summer.

Eleven sailors and ten “socialisors“…a great turn out. All suitably socially-distanced!

The conditions were very difficult, big swells, some breaking waves, the wind going round in circles, no wind, and then massive gusts!  We had boats planing, capsizing, running up onto the beach, and above all, some impressive sailing and skill from everyone who took part.

A fantastic finale to the Dinghy Section end of year. Thank you all for your participation, sailors and

socialisors” and a very special thank you to that small group who help make it all happen, photographers and all. Without them these days would not be possible.

All the very best for the New Year to you all.

Bob – from the Admiral’s Bridge

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