Costa Blanca, Spain

A Dynamic Dinghy Day

We had a Dynamic Dinghy Day on Tuesday 24th November – with a strongish wind and a lumpy sea, but we decided to give it a go…..

Our 420 (Wally) and two Lasers were out. This was only possible because of Peter and Peter running the offshore safety boat, whilst the Bosun ran the inshore boat.

Fernando led the field and took several  out on Wally, whilst James was performing somersaults on a Laser. Click HERE to view a couple of videos on our Facebook page.

My bridge was full of spectators and helpers who never failed to run to assist whenever needed. Twenty odd members in total enjoying the day. Thank you all for your participation…CBYA at it’s best again.

 See you next week….don’t forget it will be on Wednesday 2nd December.

Bob Gordon


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