November 2020

A Dynamic Dinghy Day


We had a Dynamic Dinghy Day on Tuesday 24th November – with a strongish wind and a lumpy sea, but we decided to give it a go…..

Our 420 (Wally) and two Lasers were out. This was only possible because of Peter and Peter running the offshore safety boat, whilst the Bosun ran the inshore boat.

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Radar COVID – the Spanish Track & Trace App


The Spanish mobile app for tracking Covid (Radar COVID) is active in the Comunidad de Valencia. It will automatically tell you if you are near a person or premises that have, or have had, a confirmed case of Covid 19: but it depends upon people having the app on their phone, so the more who download it, the more accurate it becomes. So please download it now, or at least investigate it. No details other than your contact name and number are needed. Click HERE for more information.

The Committee

25th November 2020

CBYA Dinghy Day Now Weekly!


GOOD NEWS: Dinghy Day will now take place every week alternating weekly between Tuesday and Wednesday! This will give the opportunity for those who can’t make Tuesdays an alternative.

There will also be a special Dinghy Day on Tuesday 29th December!!!

Bob Gordon

Dinghy Section Co-ordinator




Learning the Singlehanded Gybe


A good article and video from the General Manager of UK Sailmakers International

Click HERE for more details.

Rachel Garnham

Training Officer

CBYA Dinghy Section Back in Business!


The CBYA Dinghy Section have now completed the return of our boats and storage box to Paradise Beach after the recent mandatory removal for the Ayuntamiento beach cleaning project. We now have two Lasers, Wally (420) and Louise, all back on the beach together with the storage box, so we are more or less back to normal. The benefits of the clean up were the development of improved communications with the Town Hall, and a lot of maintenance being completed on the boats.
All due to a lot of hard work by a few:  Dave, John, Garry, Les, Fernando, and the support of many others, new members and old. A BIG thank you to you all! You are a great team.

A much tidier beach!

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Sailing TOMs Safely


As a direct result of the increased number of  CBYA TOMs sailing accidents over the last couple of years, the CBYA Committee has decided to introduce clear rules and guidelines for all CBYA TOMs skippers and crew.  Click the link below for details:

CBYA TOMs – Safety Briefing Guidelines and Rules_October 2020

We have also prepared details of a recommended CBYA TOMs skipper kit, which we hope all active CBYA TOMs skippers will invest in.  Click the link below for details:

TOMs Skipper Kit_291020

Please help us to make the CBYA TOMs sailing activities safer, and more fun, by following these guidelines and rules.

Thank you,

Amanda Topson

CBYA TOMs Co-ordinator



First a little history….

I have been around boats and water most of my life – since the age of 16 – be it water-skiing competitions, power boat racing, dinghy racing, windsurf racing, or cruiser racing. I started water skiing in 1966, leading to national competitions, and skied the English Channel twice, both ways. This led me in to power boat racing, both in the UK and European competitions.


Getting married put an end to weekends away with the team!!! Children arrived, so then I started sailing dinghies, first a GP14 with the family, and also a Laser. But, still having the ‘need for speed’, I eventually bought a Fireball (a fast, 2-man, trapeze boat), and started racing again, taking part in the Fireball National events, including Abersoch in Wales, in the early ‘80s. My best result, out of a fleet of about 45, was 7th overall. I started sailing bigger boats around 1990, crewing in regattas, mostly off the North East, and later the South coast of the UK, taking part in the ‘Round the Island’ race several times.

Having secured my Competent Crew and Coastal Skipper sailing certificates, I bought my first sailing cruiser, a Verl Islander 33, in 1994. Over the years, via both power boating and sailing, I covered most of the inland and coastal waters of the UK, with several cross channel and North Sea passages.

I arrived in Spain in 2010, and soon realised I could not possibly live next to the Mediterranean, without being on the water! I bought a Sadler 34 and had it shipped down from the UK, with the full intention of finding two partners, to help share the costs. Sadly, this did not work out, mainly due to the fact that its layout did not lend itself to Mediterranean cruising, so I sold the boat some three years later.

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Another Great CBYA Day Charter!


CBYA Charter Day – Monday 2nd November

This was our first CBYA charter day of the new winter season, and our second attempt. The original day should have been Monday 26th October, however we had to cancel, due to very high winds, registering 42kts in the Marina de Dénia.  Náutica Corcho would not have let us take boats out, even if we had wanted to do so!  Amazingly, I had first seen this high wind forecast, which was scheduled to start building from 9am at 20kts, gusting to 44kts, and peaking at about 2pm, 6 days in advance. Thinking that that would certainly change, as the date came nearer, we planned ahead – but the forecast did not change in the slightest, they had it absolutely Spot On!!!  (How can they do that?!!)

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