Costa Blanca, Spain

TrickyD Completes Second Ionian Cruise

60 Days at Sea – doldrums and gales on final leg of journey

S/Y TrickyD has arrived safely at Dénia Marina with an eventful final leg from Villasimius in Sardinia, via Ibiza Town, to Dénia. We were becalmed for several days – which facilitated the production and consumption of a much enjoyed English breakfast.

Suddenly strong winds came up – fortunately in the right direction for once – so we had an exhilarating sail home. The whole adventure took 60 days and 2492 nautical miles.

Wow! I’ve achieved the dream of a lifetime and look forward to planning future adventures on TrickyD.

Amanda Topson

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Come on Amanda tell us more, would very interesting to all who want to sail away
strong winds , big waves, becalmed what did you do how did you spend the time ?
looking forward to hear more details.

One other thing I left your cloves with Sue in Calpe.

Welcome home all of you, well done. Looking forward to catching up.

Looking forward to hearing more
and seeing some photos!

Congratulations! Looking forward to hearing and seeing more, and seeing an itinerary! Cheers Helma

Yet another epic journey …. another chapter in your life.
Well done Richard and the TrickyD crew xxx

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