Costa Blanca, Spain

Second TrickyD Ionian Cruise Report – Malta to Corfu

TrickyD has now sailed all the way from Malta via Siracusa (Sicily), across the Ionian Sea, to the Greek island of Lefkas, where we visited Sivota, Meganisi, Spartahora, Nidri, and Lefkas Town.

We then made our way to Corfu via the stunningly beautiful Lakka on Paxos Island, and a brief hop to Sivota Mortos on the Greek mainland.

NOAC sailing club and marina just next to the historic fort in Corfu Town is our backdrop, where we are surrounded by super yachts!!

Provisioning and maintenance is now happening to prepare for our homeward journey.

Click HERE for a message from the skipper.

Amanda Topson

16th September 2020

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