Aug 24, 2020

S/Y Stormy Waters – Balearic Islands Cruise


New CBYA member, Albert Whitley and his wife, Jutta, own a Hallberg Rassy 37 (S/Y Stormy Waters) which is moored at Club Náutico Moraira, where they are long-term members. They are experienced sailors.

They were planning to cruise around the Mediterranean this May, and were looking for crew to join them for some of the legs. It didn’t happen due to the lock-down. However, they now plan to do the cruise early next year. In the meantime, they are preparing for a short cruise to the Balearic Islands next month. Here is their itinerary: –

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Vertical Headsail Camber – critical for faster boat speed!


Understanding headsail vertical camber is the modern headsail trimmer’s main tool for getting optimum speed and power out of the sail.

Headsail horizontal camber is always spoken about regarding how the sail needs to develop the right shape; but vertical camber is also critical to the performance of the sail.

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Rachel Garnham

Training Officer