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Make Sure that you Update your CBYA Membership Details!

The CBYA needs ALL members to ensure that their membership details are correct.

We have therefore taken the decision to change our membership application form to read:

“It is your responsibility to submit an “Update” form should your circumstances change, and if you are asked to do so by the Membership Secretary, any of the Committee, or any organiser of CBYA events. Due to Health and Safety, and legislation, your membership is void, irrespective of payment of subscription, if you have not completed a membership form for all members 18 and over – in your own right, or on their behalf. “

Please help us NOW by checking that your membership details are still correct.

  • Go to

  • Open the online membership application form to see the revised terms.

  • Use the drop down menu on the window labelled “Please select submission type”

  • Select “Update”

  • Complete the form in the normal way.

Note that we have also added the following special COVID-19 clause to our disclaimer:

Special COVID-19 terms: As there are still unquantifiable COVID-19 health risks, each and every participant agrees that they are participating in CBYA activities fully at their own risk, and that the CBYA hereby absolves itself of any financial liability for any and all COVID-19 related illness, and or death, to anyone participating, or to those who such participants may subsequently infect.

Thank you,

Rachel Garnham

Membership Secretary

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Herwig Vandepapeliere


This dos not work : “Click HERE to view the revised CBYA membership terms.” What can I do now ?


Where are the existing CBYA membership terms? Please send a link.


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