May 2020

Introducing the CBYA Roll of Honour!


During the early days of the CBYA, some of our founding members donated a number of Founders Cups to be presented to our members annually for  best achievement in various categories.

We have now uploaded a Roll of Honour to the Trophy Room page on our website to allow us to maintain a full record of all awards. To view, click HERE, and scroll to the bottom of the page.

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Grateful Thanks for CBYA Early Charity Donations


The Committee recently supported a proposal from Brenda Bates that the CBYA should disburse charity money earlier than usual to help the current CBYA-supported charities and organisations better weather the impact of the COVID-19 storm.

We have therefore paid €500 each to Make-a-Smile and the ISVH Bomberos. See their grateful responses in the images below….

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CBYA Merchandise – Next Order


The next consolidated CBYA merchandise order will be placed in Spring 2021. Please let Ally know if you would like to order anything.

Our merchandise supplier is willing to brand their range of merchandise with the CBYA logo, and sell to CBYA members at a special, discounted price. They will accept our orders, and ship in economic batches, which means that the CBYA does not have to hold stock.

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Make Sure that you Update your CBYA Membership Details!


The CBYA needs ALL members to ensure that their membership details are correct.

We have therefore taken the decision to change our membership application form to read:

“It is your responsibility to submit an “Update” form should your circumstances change, and if you are asked to do so by the Membership Secretary, any of the Committee, or any organiser of CBYA events. Due to Health and Safety, and legislation, your membership is void, irrespective of payment of subscription, if you have not completed a membership form for all members 18 and over – in your own right, or on their behalf. “

Please help us NOW by checking that your membership details are still correct.

  • Go to

  • Open the online membership application form to see the revised terms.

  • Use the drop down menu on the window labelled “Please select submission type”

  • Select “Update”

  • Complete the form in the normal way.

Note that we have also added the following special COVID-19 clause to our disclaimer:

Special COVID-19 terms: As there are still unquantifiable COVID-19 health risks, each and every participant agrees that they are participating in CBYA activities fully at their own risk, and that the CBYA hereby absolves itself of any financial liability for any and all COVID-19 related illness, and or death, to anyone participating, or to those who such participants may subsequently infect.

Thank you,

Rachel Garnham

Membership Secretary

Charter Holiday Cruising with the CBYA


In September 2019, 15 members of the CBYA travelled to Rogoznica in Croatia, for a one week charter cruise through the Kornati Islands.  We chartered two yachts, a Sun Odyssey 49i (S/V Barbara), and a Dufour 460 Grand Large (S/V Tenuto).

Upon our arrival at Marina Frapa, Skipper Peter Muir and his crew were able to board their lovely yacht, Tenuto.

Skipper Peter English and his crew were searching wildly for their yacht, with it nowhere to be found. After a while, it was discovered that Barbara was not only at the dock for repairs, but she was also sitting without an engine!

With a time of departure set for 1700, Tenuto jetted off into the seas whilst Peter English and crew sat on the empty dock waving goodbye.

Just before the sun began to set, a sailing yacht matching the description of Barbara arrived to the dock and the staff assured the captain that the new engine should be fine. The crew jumped on-board and literally sailed off into the setting sun to meet up with the Tenuto crew. Barbara arrived under the cover of darkness, bobbing mast lights and the lights of Primosten made it nearly impossible to find their way into the anchorage. After setting the anchor, Barbara rolled and yawed over the uncomfortable swell. With crew members holding torchlights on the bow, the anchor was pulled up and a mooring buoy was finally found near by Tenuto.

Day One was not so perfect!

The following days of touring the Kornati islands, peaceful island bars, ruins and relics on shore to visit and fantastic weather made the journey a fabulous vacation!

The final night brought both yachts to shelter in a small cove, safe from the howling winds forecasted that evening. Upon arrival to the moorings, both yachts tied extra lines to the mooring buoy for security. One visiting yacht did not, and this was the party yacht!

After befriending a group of ten men from the Czech Republic, Al Mason and Peter English heard exuberant singing coming from the Czech yacht late in the night. With wine bottle and guitar in hand, both men boarded the dingy and headed over to the visiting yacht to join in the fun.

With the merry singing of sea shanty songs in Czech language, all the men were thrown off their feet in a jolt as the mooring line fell free of the buoy and the howling winds threw the yacht onto the shore. A second jolt embedded the keel deeper into the ground. In an act of panic, the ten men began to run around and sobered up immediately. Forgetting the mooring line was somewhere in the water, they started their engine, only to wrap the line around their prop. Realizing they were in a deeper mess, they all suddenly decided to strip naked and jump into the sea to try to free the yacht. Leaving Peter and Al standing alone in the cockpit and feeling in the way. So both CBYA members decided to leave the yacht upon viewing one remaining Czech man on-board standing stark naked before them, wearing only a snorkel and mask!

Lessons learned:

1) Always tie a second line to the mooring buoy.

2) Always check your mooring position, and…

3) Watch out for people wearing nothing but a mask and snorkel!

The Czech yacht eventually kedged their way off the shore and floated freely in the morning hours as we wished them a pleasant journey onward.

Unfortunately, Covid-19 has put a damper on our exciting Greece Cyclades trip this year, but we will prevail and carry on with a new scheduled charter cruise on Sept. 18 – 25, 2021. We know it is going to be a fabulous trip!

There are still spaces available on the five sailing yachts that we have chartered for the upcoming Greek Cyclades yacht charter next year. You can find the details by clicking HERE

Tanya English

Charter Cruise Co-ordinator






Fun with the Costa Blanca Boat Club.


Further to Dr Ron’s recently-published interview , we thought that you might enjoy reading about some of the past activities of  CBBC members.

The Committee

May 2020

CBYA Maurice Pilkington Award


The award of merit-long standing service to the club presented by Maurice Pilkington in 2013.

A working sextant – kindly mounted by Johny Tweedale.

CBYA Karlheinz Witte Award


Presented to the CBYA by member John Allison in 2018, in memory of our former Boating Officer, Karlheinz Witte, who tragically died. Award for who has achieved the most ON THE WATER in whatever boat (or boats), for the benefit of CBYA members, during the previous 12 months.

TOMs Ladder Award


TOMs Ladder – Overall First

CBYA Dinghy Award


Dinghy Award