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Second CBYA Lock-Down Virtual Regatta!

Our second CBYA e-Regatta took place on Saturday 25th April 2020, with more yachts participating than last week.

After a couple of practice races, we sailed the best of three races, with a windward-leeward course, on A70 yachts, and nine (9) yachts raced. The skippers were John Allison (Jumbuck), Dave Reid (Arnie 2), Rachel Garnham (Freedom 9), Suso del Toro (SudoDelt) , Barry McCrae (Blade 1), Chris De Boer (CDB 2020), Floris Kreis (FloWw), Samir Chami (Jemila), and Hugh Epsom (CBYA).

Here are the results:

Yacht          Race 1    Race 2    Race 3    Points   Position

JB                1st           1st            4th                6           1st

SusoDelt   2nd        2nd         3rd                 7            2nd

FlowW       3rd         3rd         2nd                8            3rd

Arnie2       5th         4th          1st                 10            4th

CDB2020  4th        6th          6th                16            5th

Blade 1       6th        5th          5th                16            5th

CBYA         7th        7th           7th                 21            6th

F9              8th          8th         9th                25             7th

JM            9th          9th          8th                26            8th

Well done Jumbuck!!

Click HERE for more details.

We plan to run CBYA e-Regattas every Saturday at 1100 hours. Maximum of twenty (20) yachts, so first-come, first-served!

If you are interested in giving this a go, click HERE to register. We will then send you more information to get you set up.

Rachel Garnham

Training Officer

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