Costa Blanca, Spain

Yes, we will soon be filling those empty seas again!

With our members undergoing different levels of lock-down and/or self-isolation around the world, I thought that a positive message might be appropriate at this difficult time…

We are indeed in uncharted waters, and many of us are worried about the future.

Some of us, who live alone, are finding the lock-down more difficult to handle than those who are lucky enough to have a partner.

However, due to the power of the internet, we have been able to stay in touch with family and friends, watch films, play games, run on-line quizzes and wine-tastings, perform and enjoy on-line music, follow on-line home exercise programmes, participate in virtual sailing races, and experience many other benefits.

We have also been able to use the time to do a proper home spring clean, take care of all of those little jobs that we were just too busy to do, catch up on sleep, do some gardening, get to know our neighbours better (from a safe distance), etc.

The coronavirus pandemic has also brought some benefits – we are saving money by staying at home, the environment hasn’t been this unpolluted for a very long time, no more tourist overload at popular tourist destinations, fewer cruise ships, etc. Maybe our governments will even learn from this experience, and make better provisions for handling future pandemics by strengthening our health care infrastructure?

..and yes, the financial markets will also eventually recover!

Your Committee has not been idle – having been forced to cancel all of our sailing and social activities until further notice, cancel our 2020 AGM, and postpone our Crystal Jubilee celebrations, we have continued to hold Committee meetings on-line in order to keep the CBYA running. We have tried to keep you all advised regarding the above, and our Social Team is providing suggestions to keep you entertained (

We have also taken advantage of our RYA affiliation in order take part in e-Racing via their agreement with Virtual Regatta, and hope to shortly be able to offer our members the opportunity to participate in our own dedicated CBYA e-regattas! Click HERE for more details.

The world has experienced worse pandemics in the past (, and has recovered. We will also get through this one (provided we follow the guidelines), and live to sail and socialise again!

Stay safe.

Hugh Epsom


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Fully endorsed. And with Spring now upon us, the future looks brighter and there are many worse parts of the World to be riding out this storm than here on the Costa Blanca. Take care everyone, stay in touch, and stay safe. Neil

Well said Hugh. From me in UK and Howard in Spain, we wish all CBYA members, family and friends the best of health and look forward to meeting up again in the very near future.
Marilyn Ward

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