Costa Blanca, Spain

We Have Been Here Before!

As we all know, history repeats itself………

Click HERE for a poem that was written in 1869 and reprinted during the Spanish Flu Pandemic.

Stay safe!

The Committee

April 2020


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Thanks very much for this. Let’s hope that we will indeed make new choices, dream new visions, create new ways of living, & completely heal the earth; & that we, ourselves, will be healed.

As for having been here before, here is a short video worth watching & perhaps disseminating. Let us hope that something similar happens with this pandemic . . . & soon!

Paddy Bettesworth

Thank you for that. Very pertinent,

Viva CBYA !
Thank you very much Hugh for writing those helpful, wise words.
Had seen that relevant poem. Written 200 plus years ago!!
Also watched the link re Polio that Miranda posted. Thank you. I have some memory of that time and saw many polio victims here & in Africa.
We have reason to hope that the combined efforts of scientists working round the world will come up with an answer to Covid19.
Meantime stay safe everyone..

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