April 2020

How About Another Racing Rules Quiz?


If you think that you know your sailing racing rules, click HERE to complete another short quiz courtesy of UK Sailmakers.

Have Fun!

Rachel Garnham

Training Officer

Second CBYA Lock-Down Virtual Regatta!


Our second CBYA e-Regatta took place on Saturday 25th April 2020, with more yachts participating than last week.

After a couple of practice races, we sailed the best of three races, with a windward-leeward course, on A70 yachts, and nine (9) yachts raced. The skippers were John Allison (Jumbuck), Dave Reid (Arnie 2), Rachel Garnham (Freedom 9), Suso del Toro (SudoDelt) , Barry McCrae (Blade 1), Chris De Boer (CDB 2020), Floris Kreis (FloWw), Samir Chami (Jemila), and Hugh Epsom (CBYA).

Here are the results:

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The 2020 CBYA AGM proposals response list can be viewed by clicking HERE.

The 2019 Chairman’s Report can be viewed by clicking HERE

The 2019 Audited CBYA financial accounts can be viewed by clicking HERE


Due to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and ongoing state of lock-down in Spain and elsewhere, the CBYA Committee has agreed that it is not feasible to hold our Annual General Meeting, originally planned for 20th May at the Real Club Náutico Calpe.

Since the duration of the situation is uncertain and the safety of our members paramount, the Committee is making the following proposal and ask that members respond to this notice to approve these actions and to reply with any comments they wish to make.  Members are reminded that only those whose subscriptions are fully paid can approve, or otherwise, our intended course of action.


Given the extenuating circumstances, there will be no formal AGM for 2020.

Information will be made available on the website and by newsletter including

·        Member responses and comments on this proposal

·        A brief Chairman’s report on the main activities during the year

·        The audited accounts for the 2019 year

As a reminder, the Minutes of the 2019 AGM are available on the website at https://cbya.org/2019-agm-reports-and-minutes/


The current Management Committee will remain in place for the coming year.  Ann Masson previously gave notice of stepping down, and Sue Eynstone-Hinkins put herself forward as a replacement Secretary.  The Committee have co-opted Sue to the position, and she will carry out the duties until a formal vote can take place at the next AGM.


Due to the pragmatics of managing the nominations and voting process for members to select a new choice of charities, it is proposed to continue with the current charities which are Make-A-Smile and IVSH Bomberos.


Please respond to me secretary@cbya.org with your approval of the above proposal, or with any comments, by latest Monday 6 April 2020.

Ann Masson



Our First Virtual CBYA Monthly Social


The CBYA organised a “Welcome On Board” on-line Zoom meeting on Monday 20th April to replace our normal monthly social event. It was attended by around twenty five members (from Spain, the UK, and even one from the USA), all suitably endowed with a glass of something. A sprited discussion took place, until we were called away for dinner.

An excellent initiative which we hope to repeat next month.

The Social Team

Why Not Join the CBYA on the Transat AG2R La Mondiale?


Due the current pandemic, the Transat AG2R LA MONDIALE organisers OC Sport Pen Duick have been forced to cancel the 15th edition of this double-handed transatlantic race which was due to start on the 19thApril 2020. Taking place every two years, this is a two-week race from Concarneau on the French Brittany coast, to Saint Barts in the West Indies. The 2020 edition of the race would have seen the introduction of the latest generation Figaro Bénéteau 3.

However the virtual race is proceeding, and started as scheduled. CBYA members can enter the event, via the wonders of modern technology, and race against many of the sailors who would have been participating in the actual race.

CBYA members can  join the race via the Virtual Regatta platform.

Currently four CBYA yachts are participating:

  1. Jumbuck (Skipper: John Allison)

  2. Arnie 2 (Skipper: Dave Reid)

  3. Jemila (Skipper: Samir Chami)

  4. Rubber Duck 1 (Skipper:Hugh Epsom)

You can join the race at anytime, and develop your offshore racing skills. Just click HERE and register.

So unless you have lots of other Lock-Down stuff to do, why not give it a try?

Rachel Garnham

Training Officer


First CBYA Lock-down Virtual Regatta!


Our first CBYA e-Regatta took place on Saturday 18th April 2020, and it was great fun!

After a couple of practice races, we sailed the best of three races, with a windward-leeward course, on A70 yachts, and five (5) yachts raced. The skippers were John Allison (Jumbuck), Dave Reid (Arnie 2), Rachel Garnham (Freedom 9), Samir Chami (Jemila), and Hugh Epsom (CBYA).

Here are the results:

Yacht   Race 1    Race 2    Race 3    Points

A2         1st           2nd        1st                4

JB          2nd        1st          2nd              5

CBYA   3rd         3rd         3rd               9

F9         4th          4th         4th              12

JM        DNF        5th         5th              16

Well done Skipper Dave!!

Click HERE for more details.

We plan to run CBYA e-Regattas every Saturday at 1100 hours. Maximum of twenty (20) yachts, so first-come, first-served!

If you are interested in giving this a go, click HERE to register. We will then send you more information to get you set up.

Rachel Garnham

Training Officer

CRYSTAL JUBILEE: Costa Blanca Boat Club Inaugural Meeting


Although our Crystal Jubilee celebrations have been postponed to 2021, we are continuing to publish a little bit of CBYA history every month. This month we would like to share the minutes of the inaugural meeting of the Costa Blanca Boat Club which was held on 29th March 2004. The names of the attendees may be of interest to some of you…..


Join the CBYA Lock-down Virtual TOMs Regatta!


In order to keep our sailing members entertained during these challenging times, we have taken advantage of our RYA affiliation in order take part in e-Racing via their agreement with Virtual Regatta, and can now offer our members the opportunity to participate in our own dedicated CBYA e-Regattas!

John Allison, Dave Reid and Hugh Epsom have been testing our own CBYA TOMs-type e-Regatta, and it is good fun!

Click HERE for more details.

We plan to run our first CBYA e-Regatta at 1100 hours on Saturday 18th April 2020. Probably the best of three races, with the same windward-leeward course, jut like a normal TOMs race. Maximum of ten (10) yachts, so first-come, first-served!

If you are interested in giving this a go, click HERE to register. We will then send you more information to get you set up.

Rachel Garnham

Training Officer

CBYA Crystal Jubilee – April Interview – Rachel Garnham


As part of our CBYA Crystal Jubilee celebrations, each month we are going to hear from a member who has made a significant contribution to our club. This month we are are publishing an interview with our Honorary Member Rachel Garnham, who is currently our Membership Secretary, and Training Officer.

Hello Rachel. Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed!

Can you tell me why you joined the CBYA?

Sailing has been a life-long interest, and I needed a distraction… after a few years in Spain, I happened across the CBYA advert in the Costa Blanca News. So – to have a distraction, and to be sailing again (I’d been on and off boats since I was 6 months old!) – I attended one of the regular CBYA Monday meetings.

What was a memorable first experience?

I turned up at the bar beside restaurant Mason de Paco and met a motley crew of very friendly people. The evening was going well, parish notes by Brenda, and sailing events by Peter Hooker (alas no longer with us). Nothing was done by email then; there was a notice board with a sheet asking for crew to go sailing the following week. So I put my name down, but then heard from a voice behind me “you’re new, you can’t just put your name down, there are plenty of existing members who want to sail before you”. So, that was it – I’d have to wait. But, as it turned out, there was space, and I sailed out from Dénia on Chris and Kathy (also no longer with us) Middleton’s boat, with a few others, and we had a great day.

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We Will Sail (& Socialise) Again!


Yes, we will soon be filling those empty seas again!

With our members undergoing different levels of lock-down and/or self-isolation around the world, I thought that a positive message might be appropriate at this difficult time…

We are indeed in uncharted waters, and many of us are worried about the future.

Some of us, who live alone, are finding the lock-down more difficult to handle than those who are lucky enough to have a partner.

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