Costa Blanca, Spain

Coronavirus – CBYA Activity Shut-Down

We are entering uncharted waters….

Due the current worldwide coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and with the recent announcement of a further two-week total lock-down in Spain, the Committee has agreed that we now have to discontinue ALL of our CBYA-organised sailing and social activities until future notice.

The latest coronavirus (COVID-19) statistics can be viewed by clicking HERE.

The Emergency telephone number for suspected coronavirus cases in the Comunidad Valenciana is 900 300 555. We are requested  to call this number if you have any symptoms and think that you may be infected. We are advised NOT to go to emergencies, doctor’s surgeries, nor to hospitals, where we could transmit the virus to other people. When we call this number, they will conduct a survey, and if the results are positive, they will tell us how to proceed, and will send someone to take some tests.

If you think that you may have the symptoms, you can check by clicking HERE.

Hugh Epsom


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