Costa Blanca, Spain

Enjoying Coronavirus Lock-Down?

With the announcement today that our lock-down has been extended a further two weeks (click HERE), we CBYA members, locked down in our Spanish homes, are finding this an excellent opportunity to do all those things that we have been putting off for too long, such as spring cleaning the house, updating websites, getting back in touch with friends and family, catching up on sleep, etc. Those members in the UK, and elsewhere in the world, still have the ‘pleasure’ of probably experiencing a total lock-down!

If you starting to go stir-crazy,.. here are a few tips to help you survive this interesting time in our lives…

  • There is a lot of ‘coronavirus’ information flying around the internet, and not all of it is accurate and up-to-date. You should always check that the source of the information is reliable before sharing it. See BBC myth busters by clocking HERE. First-hand information is more useful and usually accurate. Although sharing a few amusing clips is beneficial in lifting our spirits, we don’t want to overload the internet with inaccurate information and hoax video clips, and then crash the system, thus losing this essential form of communication! If you want to see an excellent, and accurate, coronavirus explanation, click HERE.

  • Make sure you follow the lock-down rules – big fines are being imposed in Spain on those who don’t! Click HERE to view the Javea Connect lock-down page which shows the rules. Just be cautious, especially with the ‘one person per car‘, which is being rigidly enforced. We would all like to get out of this alive, with your help we can do it!

  • Establish a schedule for your day and follow it – see what astronaut Scott Kelly advises by clicking HERE.

  • Try to avoid lock-down divorce – you can see some useful tips by clicking HERE!

  • GO VIRTUAL SAILING! To find out how, click HERE.

Finally, you can view a few positive developments resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, by clicking HERE.

Stay safe and keep smiling!

Hugh Epsom


22nd March 2020

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