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Why not become an approved 2020 CBYA TOM skipper?

If you are an approved TOM skipper you can sail TOM sailing yachts at the Real Club Náutico de Calpe, and take responsibility to act as skipper.

To become approved:-

  1. You must be a paid-up member of the CBYA
  2. You must hold a valid Licensia Federativa ( see
  3. You must be approved as a potential skipper by the CBYA Training Officer
  4. You must be tested and approved by RCNC

Approved skippers can skipper TOMs on CBYA sail training days and the TOMs Ladder series if assigned by the organiser.

They are then responsible for:-

  • Completing and submitting the necessary documentation (RCNC crew list) before sailing, complete with crew names and Licensia Federitiva numbers.
  • Collecting payment from the crew and pay RCNC who will then send the receipt by e-mail to the TOMS Organiser for forwarding to the CBYA Treasurer.
  • Arranging for payment of one day Licensia Federitiva cover for those that do not already have annual insurance.
  • Supervising rigging and derigging of the TOMs.
  • Safely sailing the TOMs.
  • Allowing all crew members to crew in different positions (including helming) as appropriate.
  • Providing instruction to improve crew sailing skills.
  • Reporting any yacht damage to the RCNC after sailing.

Approved CBYA TOM skippers receive a CBYA pennant to fly on the backstay when they are skippering!

If you are interested in becoming a TOM skipper contact Rachel, the CBYA Training Officer, by clicking HERE.

The Committee

February 2020

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