Costa Blanca, Spain


In strong winds, off the coast of Jávea, skipper Graham Hustler showed outstanding seamanship in bringing about a daring rescue.

What appeared to be a buoy in the water was seen ahead, but it seemed to be moving at a reasonable speed.  As the yacht approached, it became apparent that it was not a buoy, but something in distress. With complete disregard for his personal safety, the skipper set a course to intercept the object, which eventually turned out to be a large flamingo, being blown and flipped by the strong wind.

After several attempts to catch the bird, it was successfully ensnared and hauled into the cockpit, where the crew tried to resuscitate it. All attempts failed, and it was finally deflated!

The crew were therefore able to demonstrate their ‘man overboard’ skills, and improve their boat handling. They also contributed to saving the planet, by removing a large piece of plastic from the ocean.

We will have to wait to see whether Graham is nominated for an award by the Humane Society, but a great time was had by all and some lucky grandchild will soon be the proud owner of a large pink flamingo!

Stuart Eynstone-Hinkins

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Absolutely ‘Flam’azing!!!
Way to go Graham. 🙂

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