Costa Blanca, Spain

‘Shoe Stopper’ at .. CBYA Dinghy Day on 1st October.

Literally Neal’s sandals, lost two weeks ago, were found being used as ‘blocks’ under a trailer wheel!!

(If you want to join us and fear for your shoes, don’t worry – this was a one-off).

Yelly sailed again, plus our two Lasers. We had an onshore wind, so Dave Peachey kindly towed us all out.

Our new CBYA member Vincent Vanderhasselt was sailing well in quite high winds and managed to right himself …from a capsize – we spectators waiting our turn were impressed!!

By popular demand we have changed the next Dinghy Day on 15 October to start at 14:00.

Hope to see you there….

We have some fabulous footage of all the dinghy fun taken from a drone!! If you want to see it you will have to access our CBYA Facebook Group. (Contact me if you want access).

Amanda Topson

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