October 2019

Strong Winds for the Altea 5 Clubs Regatta!


Altea 5 Clubs – Sunday 20th October

The Altea 5 Clubs was a regatta of two halves for TrickyD. A downwind run to the Calpe fish farm, with TrickyD and her crew enjoying the 20 knot plus winds.

After rounding the fish farm, and sailing close-hauled on our homeward leg, we were hit by 35 knots of wind gusting to 45 knots.  After reefing down, we decided to retire.

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RCNC TOMs Regatta – Sunday 27th October


Due to the declining interest in their annual TOMs liga competition, Real Club Náutico Calpe (RCNC) have decided to introduce a new format for racing their TOM 28 yachts. This involves a number of one-day events, each comprising of up to four races, with drinks and snacks after the event (courtesy of RCNC), during which the prizes are presented for the day’s racing.

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In strong winds, off the coast of Jávea, skipper Graham Hustler showed outstanding seamanship in bringing about a daring rescue.

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CBYA Day Charter Report – Monday 28th Oct.


What a great day! We had a good taste of all wind conditions, and a great sail overall.

The crew comprised:

1st Mate – Jim Cooper

Peter Steenhuis

Peter Bird

John Van Rooijen

Stuart Eynstone-Hinkins

Plus myself – skipper

Note: Sadly Helen Harrild had to withdraw due to ill health.

After meeting at 10am at Marina de Dénia, completing brief introductions, and finding out each crew members relative sailing/boating experience, we boarded our charter boat for the day. A very nice Jeanneau 39i.

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TOMs Ladder Rides Again!


Yes, the popular TOMs Ladder competition has restarted and will run during October and November 2019. Here are some images from the event on Thursday 17 October.

This event is designed to encourage those requiring more TOMs race experience. We race with white sails only – no spinnakers – so the sailing is not too demanding. We now generally schedule TOMs Ladder events on Thursdays. Points are accumulated based on race results over a 6 – 8 week period, and prizes are awarded to those with the lowest total points count at the end of each series.

If you haven’t yet participated. you should give it a try!

Contact the TOMs Organiser to sign up by clicking HERE.


First CBYA New Members’ Lunch


In order to get to know our recently joined members better, and to welcome them all to the CBYA, we hosted a New CBYA Members’ Lunch at the Restaurant A Bordo, Club Náutico de Jávea on Wednesday 9th October 2019. The event was attended by the majority of the CBYA Committee, as well as several other CBYA co-ordinators and organisers. The significant number of CBYA ‘representatives’ confirmed our strong commitment to continuing to grow the CBYA, and our interest in ‘on-boarding’ our new members.

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Another Great CBYA Veterans’ Regatta!


We held our 2019 CBYA Veterans’ Regatta on Thursday 3rd October at Real Club Náutico Calpe

This regatta was open to both RCNC and CBYA members, and took the form of a normal liga race day, racing on the TOMs, with three windward-leeward races round the marks. The rules required that the crews must exceed a total age of 260 years for 4 crew, or 325 years for 5 crew!! So an average of 65+ years. We did not need each crew member to be over 65 as we always mix up crews with younger and older sailors.  In 2017, a 33 year old was able to sail as he was on a boat with an 80+ year crew!

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CBYA Presentation: “4 Year Not-Always-Pacific Sail Around the Western Pacific (Part 1)”


We had a full house at the Jávea Players Studio theatre on Monday 7th October, over 60 attendees, for Part I of Rosalind Miranda’s excellent presentation about her Asia Pacific cruise.

Rosalind told us about her adventures when she bravely sailed from Fiji to China. What came across was extraordinary bravery, confidence, determination, and practical application of intelligence tempered by a sense of humour and humility.

Her presentation describes her adventures and experiences in sailing her 8 metre yacht Uhuru from Fiji to Hong Kong, via the New Hebrides (now Vanuatu), to the Solomon Islands, which was then the British Solomon Islands, to Papua New Guinea, to Truk in the Carolines, Saipan in the Marianas, Japan and Taiwan.

There were so many stories to tell that we only got as far as the Solomon Islands!! Luckily, a second session has been organised for Monday 25th November to take us on to Hong Kong. Look out for details nearer the date. Unmissable!!

The audience was flabberghasted at her courage, especially given that she bought the tiny yacht and subsequently learnt to sail her! There were no luxuries: no electricity, running water or navigational aids. Along the way she learnt astral navigation, about which she has written a book [a copy of which has been donated to the CBYA Library]!

More than 20 members enjoyed the tapas at Restaurante Area 1 after the event.

Many thanks Rosalind!

The Committee

Cruiser Charter Day


CBYA Cruiser Charter Days

Sun Odyssey 439

From now until next summer, the CBYA will be chartering their own yacht each month from Náutica Corcho, Dénia Marina, instead of using a member’s boat. This will be either a Jeaneau Sun Odyssey 37, 42 or 44, dependent on the number of crew wanting to sail.

You can view their superb boats, and get a taste for it, by clicking HERE.

A minimum of six crew is required, no maximum – the more people, the bigger the boat we can charter.

Participation is encouraged, but sailing experience is NOT essential, as there will be others on board qualified to sail the boat.

The format on the day in brief:

We meet at the marina by 10.00 hrs for a coffee and the briefing.

Departing the berth, we will sail where the wind can take us, enjoy the experience, the sea and the scenery.

Returning to the berth between 17.00 and 18.00 hrs.

Bring some lunch, water, coffee, beers, etc., (as we are using a charter boat the galley is out of bounds).

Non-marking deck shoes are required, also suitable clothing for the day, and a water proof  jacket, in case the weather changes.

The cost is just €60 per head.

Payable in advance, direct to the CBYA. Details will be sent out separately later.

All are welcome, friends or family.

So don’t delay, contact the organizer, Graham Hustler, now by clicking HERE to book, or for further details.

You can also check on the CBYA calendar for future charter dates.

Graham Hustler


‘Shoe Stopper’ at .. CBYA Dinghy Day on 1st October.


Literally Neal’s sandals, lost two weeks ago, were found being used as ‘blocks’ under a trailer wheel!!

(If you want to join us and fear for your shoes, don’t worry – this was a one-off).

Yelly sailed again, plus our two Lasers. We had an onshore wind, so Dave Peachey kindly towed us all out.

Our new CBYA member Vincent Vanderhasselt was sailing well in quite high winds and managed to right himself …from a capsize – we spectators waiting our turn were impressed!!

By popular demand we have changed the next Dinghy Day on 15 October to start at 14:00.

Hope to see you there….

We have some fabulous footage of all the dinghy fun taken from a drone!! If you want to see it you will have to access our CBYA Facebook Group. (Contact me if you want access).

Amanda Topson