Costa Blanca, Spain

Please don’t forget to get CBYA-branded!

The CBYA presents CBYA pennants to all members who are boat-owners, or certified skippers. The latter includes CBYA members who are approved by RCNC to skipper TOM 28 yachts. If you think that you qualify, and don’t yet have your pennant, please click HERE.

(PS: If you are wondering why the pennant above is upside-down, ask your Social Secretary!)

To avoid embarrassment at future CBYA events, when everyone else is proudly sporting their CBYA shirts and caps, why not place your orders now for 2019/2020?

Click HERE to select what you would like, and then send an e-mail to Chris de Boer.

We will place a bulk order with the supplier once we have an economic shipping quantity. Delivery should then take 2 – 3 weeks thereafter.

The Committee

September 2019


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Perhaps we could find a picture of the pennant the right way up?!

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