Costa Blanca, Spain

Introducing our new CBYA Public Relations Co-ordinator!

Amanda Topson has volunteered to take on the role of  CBYA Public Relations Co-ordinator. Thank you Amanda!!

In this position she will:

  1. Manage regular monthly press releases to the local press (CB News, RTN, Euroweekly, etc.)

  2. Work with non-British CBYA members to post articles in other local foreign newspapers.

  3. Manage the two CBYA Facebook pages.

  4. Arrange interviews on local radio (Bay Radio, Puregold, Talk Radio Europe, etc.)

  5. Help to promote the CBYA at future local events (major regattas, boat shows, etc.)

  6. Provide material for the CBYA website.

Monique Neyzen will assist Amanda in performing the above duties.

If you would like to send any photos or text to Amanda, you can contact her by clicking HERE.

Hugh Epsom


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