February 2019

FOR SALE: Sailing Harness


Sailing harness for sale. Good condition. Hardly used.

Make me an offer!

Hugh Epsom

636 006 536


S/Y Blade in the Regatta 200 Millas a2


S/Y Blade is participating in the Regatta 200 Millas a2. 

This regatta involves sailing 200Nm with just 2 crew.  S/Y Blade will be crewed by skipper Barry McCrae, and John Allison of S/Y Jumbuck.

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Valentines’ Day TOMs Ladder


Eleven (11) intrepid TOMs Ladder sailors sallied forth on Thursday 14 February – Valentines’ Day –  to do battle on the waves.

The sea state was fine, and we had plenty of wind, albeit a bit flukey.

We sailed four races in quick succession, and then retired to Dracula’s Restaurant for some interesting discussions on the subject of yacht racing rules and protests.

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Congratulations to S/Y TrickyD!



S/Y Tricky D is will be back sailing in the 5 Clubs Regattas during 2019!

So why not join Tricky D and I for a fun sailing week-end with the 5 Club Nauticos in your area?

We start on the weekend of 23rd and 24th of February.

For more information and dates, please contact me on 666977822, or email me by clicking HERE

So come and join team Tricky D and let’s have some fun!

Happy Days!

Richard Jones

LAST Chance: CBYA trip to the Palma International Boat Show?


The 36th PALMA INTERNATIONAL BOAT SHOW takes place from April 27th to May 1st 2019 at the Port of Palma. Click HERE for details.

Due to interest from members in attending, we have put together a CBYA trip option. See below.

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FOR SALE: “Universal” Towbar


“Universal” tow bar for sale – fits most cars.

Make me an offer!

Amanda Topson

Whatsapp: +44 7715 824 003