The CBYA 2019 Annual General Meeting, took place at Jávea Players’ Studio Theatre, Jávea, on Monday 4th March.

Only 35 members attended, with 26 staying for the meal.

Since we currently have a total full membership of 340 members, this turn-out was extremely poor! Just 10.3% of  the total. This was particularly disappointing given the amount of work expended by your Committee in preparing for, and running the meeting, and our decision to move the meeting to Jávea this year in the hope that we would get better attendance! We hope to see more of you at the 2020 AGM!

Click on the links below, and then click on the image, to enlarge and read the reports:

CBYA 2019 AGM Minutes of Meeting

2018 CBYA Chairman’s Report

2018 CBYA Financial Report

Sailing statistics for 2018 season – 96 Events – 716 Participants.

Social statistics for 2018 season –  35 Events –  934 Participants.

We had a tapas dinner at the Restaurante Area 1 after the meeting.