Costa Blanca, Spain

The CBYA Dinghy Section Sails Again!

The CBYA Dinghy Section re-launch on Tuesday 4th December was a BIG success. The weather and sailing conditions were ideal, and over thirty members turned up to support the event.

We launched both Lasers, and the 420 (without a gib due to the lack of a luff wire), and Tristan brought his wife (Diana’s) inflatable around in support. Richard also brought Tricky D, with Peter Knowles as crew.

Many thanks to everyone who helped make the day a success.

Note: Due to the logistics involved, CBYA Dinghy Days will be run once a month in the immediate future, typically on the first Tuesday of each month. Some of our other members who keep their own dinghies at El Portet may also join us during future events. The cost will be €10/person.

Click HERE for more details

Nikki rescuing Bob!

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Well done everyone who worked hard towards this day and all who sailed or supported the re- Launch day! Bx

Super photos of the day.. Great record.

Great day and thanks to all who helped move my Enterprise which is being lovingly “scrubbed up”. Renovation would be too strong a word. But it will be on the water early next year.

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