Costa Blanca, Spain

Bacalao wins the 2018 CBYA Challenge Trophy!

The 2018 CBYA-RCNC Challenge took place at Real Club Náutico de Calpe (RCNC) on Sunday 14th October. This is the only team racing event in the CBYA calendar and involves two teams, “Lubina” and “Bacalao“, competing for the honour of being awarded the CBYA Challenge Trophy on TOM 28 yachts. The teams are made up of crews of four sailors – two from the CBYA, and two from RCNC, on each boat.

The crews this year were:-


Crew 1:  Hugh Epsom/Marta/Angel/John Sutton

Crew 2:  Elsa/Jenny Rawle/John Williams/Leo


Crew 1:  Carlos/Manfred Manigel/Christina/Barry McCrae/Chris Engels

Crew 2:  Ian McKay/Ximo/Mike Cross/Monique Neyzen/Joseba

After three closely-contested races, the accumulated scores of each team were identical!! So the decision was taken to award the trophy to the team with the most FIRST places – which was BACALAO (for the fourth time!) LUBINA has won the series only once.

Carlos being awarded the CBYA Challenge trophy by Antonio (the new RCNC Sailing Director)

After the sailing, we enjoyed a BBQ on the RCNC terrace beautifully prepared by Christine Taylor and Rachel Garnham. The meat and drinks were provided courtesy of RCNC.

CBYA prizes were also distributed after the event for the 2017 TOMs Liga as follows:

Trofeo invierno (winter)FIRST place – Jenny Rawle

Jenny being awarded her prize by Hugh

Trofeo primavera (spring)FIRST place – Keith Leary (collected by John Sutton) / THIRD place – Hugh Epsom

Trofeo verano (summer)FIRST place – Ian McKay

Ian being awarded his prize by Rachel

Trofeo otono (autumn)FIRST place – Edo Volker/THIRD place – Dave Reid (collected by John Sutton)

John collecting Kaith & Dave’s prizes from Rachel

CBYA crews won SIX (6) prizes in last year’s TOMs Liga – best result ever!

Well done to all!



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