Costa Blanca, Spain

Successful Stern Dinghy Collection Project

As a direct result of the local press coverage of the vandalisation of the CBYA dinghies at El Portet beach (, the CBYA has been given a Van de Stadt “Stern” dinghy by a very kind, keen sailor named Herr Modersohn. We arranged a working party to collect the boat and relocate it to temporary safe storage until we can arrange a new secure location from which to operate the dinghy section.

The collection and relocation operation was carried out with military precision by the  following CBYA volunteers:

  •  Neil Robertson

  • Dave Peachey

  • Mike & Karen Cross

  • Peter Knowles

  • Derek Holden

  • Monique Neyzen

  • Bob Gordon

  • Hugh Epsom

Derek organised the trailer assembly and road-worthiness check.

Bob acted as dinghy lowering supervisor

Karen helped to photographically record the event

Monique provided the car with tow bar and towed the dinghy to the temporary storage location.

Neil followed Monique during the journey to make sure that she arrived safely – lucky he did as one of the trailer tyres went flat and he helped change the wheel!

Dave, Mike and Peter provided invaluable assistance and advice

We presented Herr Modersohn with two coffee-table, sailing books in German (originally owned by Karlheinz Witte), and a nice bottle of wine, in appreciation of his kind donation.

Many thanks to all the volunteers. We are  looking forward to getting the “Stern” sailing again!


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Good teamwork.
Although in the pictures it seems overboard with the number of people. It was a good decision to keep everyone safe.

What a great story . Vielen dank Herr Modersohn and well done the team of volunteers.. Hope you will enjoy more dinghy sailing in the near future.

Brenda ..

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