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When do you have to renew your CBYA membership?

As you may be aware, the CBYA introduced a robust accounting system last year in order to help better manage our subscriptions and finances as membership continues to grow each year. We now have around 300 members!

As a result, people can now join the club at any time of the year, and pay their next year’s subscription on the anniversary date of their joining. Whereas, in the past, our membership year ran from January to December.

People are now sent an invoice to remind when it is time to them to pay their membership subscription. If you joined the club last year in May, for example, you will not need to pay your subscription until you receive your reminder this May. In general, there is no need to make a payment until you receive an invoice.

This greatly helps with our cash flow, and should reduce the need to chase people for cash payments

We have also introduced flexibility of payment by bank transfer, PayPal or by cash if you prefer, as before.

We hope this explains how the new system works but if not, please contact me.

Sue Bell


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Hi Sue. I paid my membership fees over the Internet. Could you tell me where I can locate a copy of my paid invoice, please?

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