January 2018

TOMs “Ladder” Competition – collect points to win prizes!


TOMs “Ladder” Competition – collect points to win prizes!

We are starting a new TOMs program for 2018.  This is  to increase participation, improve skills, encourage everyone to have the opportunity to skipper (not just the approved CBYA skippers), include different levels of experience, and encourage team work. But mainly – this should be FUN! 

Initially we will use white sails only, with a crew of 3-5.  We propose three days each month, two Thursdays and one Saturday over  three months. We can increase  frequency  if requested.

Every crew member will accumulate individual points during each event, and you will sail with different crew each time.  The best score of twelve races will be collected, the rest discarded. So the more you sail, the more low scores you can discard!

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