Costa Blanca, Spain

We are very sad to report that we have been ‘broken into’ at El Portet, and our outboard motor has been stolen. In addition the aft locker on the new “Flying Fish” dinghy has had its lid torn off, and our life jackets which were stowed in there have also been taken! They also stole the Flying Fish trailer wheels, and its mainsheet. We are obviously being targeted because they have now also stolen our old rubber dinghy safety boat, as well as the rubber dinghy and cover which was chained up close to our storage box!

The CBYA dinghies have now been sailing from El Portet for 2.5 years, and this is the first time that we have had a problem of this nature. It was impossible to insure the CBYA dinghy equipment left in our big locked wooden storage box at El Portet, so none of our losses are covered.

The dinghies have grown in popularity, and many of our members have had great sailing and enjoyable days out on the water with them. We therefore do not intend to give up as a result of this set back, but will instead replace the outboard, make the necessary repairs, and carry on for the benefit of our sailing members.

We are now reviewing ways to introduce better security arrangement for the future. One suggestion is to make an arrangement with the one of the hostelries at the beach to securely store the outboard for us.

We need to raise €600 to replace the stolen equipment and repair the damage. So we are setting up a special ‘disaster fund’ and are asking our members to make a donation to allow us to keep the CBYA dinghy group going. We have already received several pledges of support!

If you would like to help, you can make a donation by making a payment to the CBYA Account, marking the reference “Dinghy Disaster Fund”.

Bank details:


Bank: SABADELL , Av. Madrid, 8, 03724 Moraira, Alicante, Spain

Account No. 0081 0674 65 0002126222

IBAN : ES02 0081 0674 6500 0212 6222


We hope that you are willing to help – any donation would be appreciated, however small!!

In addition, if anyone has a suitable outboard (4 HP Yamaha, or similar) that they are willing to donate or sell, please let me know.

Please note that the Dinghy Day planned for Wednesday 6 December will go ahead has planned. Hopefully with a borrowed outboard motor!

Bob Gordon


December 2017

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Such a pity but I d like to contribute. Together we will make it possible to continue sailing dinghys at El Portet!

I would guess that several people have lifejackets they could donate.
Often the CBYA has funds at the end of the year to donate to the nominated charities. Would the purchase of a replacement engine be prioritised before a charity donation.

The charity event proposed by Chris and Sue is a very generous idea.

Sue & Chris Bell have offered to host a special “Dinghy Disaster” social event in early January in order to raise funds to replace the stolen equipment. Paella cooked by Chris, meal to be preceded by a great walk along the Benissa costa. They can also offer a swim in their heated pool before the meal. All to bring their own drinks. Maybe our CBYA musicians can entertain us? I think that this is a great idea! Who is interested in attending?

Very nice idea, I´ll attend.

So very sorry to hear that. What a rotten thing for such a keen and active group of dinghy sailors.. Have other units also been broken into had thefts from there?
I will contribute 40 euros and support the January Dinghy Disaster event.
Diana has a good point that perhaps Club funds could/should help.

Buena suerte

Thank you all so much for your support and donations, What a great group of people the CBYA is.
Today I re secured the box with a much larger pad lock and took a look around to see if I could find the hatch cover but no sign….very strange. To answer another question, there was no sign of any other damage or theft, quite the contary a rubber dinghy with a similar out board to ours but quite a lot older was still sitting there under the boat cover.! Perhaps they did not see it if it was dark!
I also visited a local chandler and a new 4HP Yamaha would cost €1200 plus VAT. The owner was prepared to discount the VAT !
We will keep you updated.

A very sad day when it comes to this.
Count me in for Sue & Chris’ dinghy disaster fund raising event.

Charity money can not be used for the dinghy/outboard fund. Charity money is for CBYA chosen charities.
Chris and Sue’s most generous offer to host a “dinghy disaster” event is what it says it is. It is NOT a charity event.
Please be clear. Charity money goes to charity. Dinghy Disaster appeal and fund raising events go to dinghy/outboard fund.

I have an old Yamaha Malta 2 stroke O/B motor which I inherited, I think around 4HP, which you are welcome to have. I have never run it but I think it should be OK, probably just needs a quick looking at by someone familiar with outboards.

What an awful shame. Kim & I will be pleased to support the disaster fund and try to attend the dinghy disaster social event in January..

Gary & Kim

What great support! We have also made a donation to the DDF, and we plan to attend the Dinghy Fund Raiser on 28 Jan.18.

To update you all………as Hugh has added at the top, they visited again, after the last dinghy day and took our rubber safety boat. They also took another rubber dinghy which was on a trailer with outboard and cover, the one I mentioned above.
We are not going to give in. The matter has been reported to the Police, not that they can do much. We have another smaller rubber dinghy and a replacement outboard, thanks to Barry, see above. Next dinghy day will be 17 January which will go ahead as normal.

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