April 2017

Another interesting day on a CBYA charter trip!


Last Monday, 24th April, the CBYA again had adequate crew to go on a charter day trip; we even had enough crew to ask for two 39ft boats! The crews met at their well-known place in the marina of Dénia, at the same time as normal – 10:00 hours. Looking at the weather conditions, we noted that the wind was light, but enough to sail, and we hoped that it would increase later in the day, as forecasted. The paperwork with the charter company was quickly completed, without problems as normal, and the skippers, Karlheinz Witte (me) and Peter English, boarded our respective boats. After a short and good introduction, given by Kiko, the manager of the charter company, we set off on our sail. read more →

Why not become an approved CBYA TOM skipper?


If you are an approved TOM skipper you can sail TOM sailing yachts at the Real Club Náutico de Calpe, and take responsibility to act as skipper.

To become approved:-

  1. You must be a paid-up member of the CBYA
  2. You must hold a valid Licensia Federativa ( see https://cbya.org/licencia-federativa-2017-details/)
  3. You must be approved as a potential skipper by the CBYA Training Officer
  4. You must be tested and approved by RCNC

Approved skippers can skipper TOMs on CBYA sail training days if assigned by the TOMs Organiser. read more →