April 2017

Another interesting day on a CBYA charter trip!


Last Monday, 24th April, the CBYA again had adequate crew to go on a charter day trip; we even had enough crew to ask for two 39ft boats! The crews met at their well-known place in the marina of Dénia, at the same time as normal – 10:00 hours. Looking at the weather conditions, we noted that the wind was light, but enough to sail, and we hoped that it would increase later in the day, as forecasted. The paperwork with the charter company was quickly completed, without problems as normal, and the skippers, Karlheinz Witte (me) and Peter English, boarded our respective boats. After a short and good introduction, given by Kiko, the manager of the charter company, we set off on our sail. read more →

‘JUMBUCK’ Ruta de la Sal 2017 – 13.04.2017


One of those events where you think you’ve done almost everything right, but you still don’t get to pick up any trophy. read more →

‘JUMBUCK’ Ruta de la Sal and then Palma Vela 2017 – 02.04.2017


Before we can enjoy the tussle to round up the local 5 Clubs Spring Series we’ve a couple of events.  

First ones the Ruta de la Sal – Denia to San Antonio 120 miler departing 1400 on 13th April. It’s already got 87 boats registered to start from Denia, and there’s another two large fleets departing Barcelona and Antraix, so the party afterwards on Ibiza should be heaving. Our Denia start has attracted some competitive boats from as far afield as Valencia and Alicante, and it’s raced under the RI handicap rule as opposed to our normal ORC. It will be interesting to see how we do on what promises to be a mainly light wind reaching / running course. That current forecast looks to favour us – but that’s been known to change!

We are racing only 5 up to keep the weight down but believe we’ve the conditions to allow a watch system to operate on the 60 mile tight reach over towards Formentera, hopefully ensuring we are fresh and awake for the early hours light wind run back north behind the islands. I believe with only 5/8 knot southerlies, the local current flowing south west at up to 1.5 knots, and lastly the high cliffs bending and influencing the wind, that it’s going to be a critical leg where we could win out – or loose a lot. Once through that section we can relax again for the simpler reach then beat back along the top of Ibiza to the finish in San Antonio. Fingers crossed the forecast isn’t wrong.

Then from 3rd to 7th May we’ve a four day regatta happening over off Palma de Mallorca – the Palma Vela. Ten fleets including Wallys and IRC, plus our ORC grouping. We will have our full compliment of 7 crew for this mainly ’round the cans’ event. Big social scene promised every night – sounds ideal for us!

The ladies are flying over and it will be a 24 hour delivery to get Jumbuck there from Calpe. Weve booked a trendy city centre apartment in Palma to ensure we get our beauty sleep – meaning Jumbuck remains empty and hopefully competitive.

Checking entries and previous years it seems our opponents include another Brit registered J – a J97. They won last year, and despite it being a foot shorter than we are, they are lighter, more modern, and quick. Will be good to match up against competitors from further afield and see how we can do.

Edo, Eric, Kevin, Laurent and I will sail Jumbuck over leaving on the Tuesday, aiming to arrive Wednesday. Sue and Marian fly over on the Wednesday so we should be fresh for Thursday’s first party and then racing under ORC on Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

So all in all, it’s going to be a busy four weeks in brilliant sunshine.

Can hardly wait. 😎



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If you are an approved TOM skipper you can sail TOM sailing yachts at the Real Club Náutico de Calpe, and take responsibility to act as skipper.

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  2. You must hold a valid Licensia Federativa ( see https://cbya.org/licencia-federativa-2017-details/)
  3. You must be approved as a potential skipper by the CBYA Training Officer
  4. You must be tested and approved by RCNC

Approved skippers can skipper TOMs on CBYA sail training days if assigned by the TOMs Organiser. read more →

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Dinghy Day – Wednesday 12th April 2017


Dinghy Day – Wednesday 12th April 2017

Finally decent weather was enjoyed by 11-12 sailors and 4-5 watchers.

Light onshore wind with a flat sea – made the most of by all.

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CBYA Chicas and Machos Conquer the Mirador Challenge!


CBYA Chicas and Machos Conquer the Mirador Challenge!

The CBYA again entered two teams in the Mirador Challenge this year – the CBYA Machos, led by James Morris, and the CBYA Chicas, led by Tammy de Boer.

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