January 2017

A Reminder that you can Find Us On FaceBook



A Reminder that the CBYA has both a Closed Group, and a Community page, on Facebook

Find us at https://www.facebook.com/groups/268317926843920/

All paid-up 2017 CBYA members can apply to join the group.

Members-only information will be posted on this page such as invitations to CBYA sailing & social events.

Please go to the Facebook page to join NOW!

For those who are interested, we also have a Community Page – seehttps://www.facebook.com/CostaBlancaYachtAssoc/

Some of what the CBYA offers its Sailing Members.



Karlheinz, the CBYA Boating Officer, is always actively looking for boats and skippers to participate in the smaller local coastal and longer offshore regattas.

John Allison, skipper and owner of Jumbuck, and Barry McCrea ,skipper and owner of Blade, are two such regular participants, together with their regular CBYA crew members.

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