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A fun CBYA BIG Cat Cruise

A Fun CBYA BIG Cat Cruise

Taking advantage of the special group discount negotiated by the CBYA,  around 50 CBYA members and friends/family gathered on the jetty in Javea Port at midday on Tuesday 29 September 2016 to board the BIG catamaran .

The weather was a little overcast, but no rain was expected, and having spotted our appointed entertainers boarding with their guitars, expectations of something a little special were high!

It had been previously agreed with Mundo Marino that:

  1. Not more that 85 passengers would be accepted on this cruise – the BIG cat can take up to 120!
  2. If the CBYA could not fill all 85 spaces, they would sell the surplus tickets to others.
  3. At least 50% of the cruise would be under sail.

In the event, we had about 80 people on board.

The sails were hoisted soon after leaving the harbour. However, as there was little wind, we motor-sailed to Cala Barraca/Portichol Island, where we dropped anchor.

Some hardy souls went swimming and snorkeling, whilst others took advantage of the bar.

The skipper also doubled as the chef, and he was soon preparing a BBQ lunch of chicken fillets and pork chops, salad & melon.

The cabaret kicked off soon after lunch with our erstwhile entertainers, Kath and Sue & Chris Bell, leading interesting renditions of  “What Shall We Do With A Drunken Sailor?“, “The Young Ones” and “We are Sailing“. Most of the CBYA group joined in the singing, prompting Dave Peachy to borrow a guitar and to contribute a few Johny Cash favourites, The Mavericks “Let’s Dance the Night Way“, etc.

Since the wind had by now increased, I suggested to the Captain that we could maybe hoist the sails and sail back to Javea. This was not met with much enthusiasm. However, the crew did unfurl the genoa as we motor-sailed back, all passengers tired, but happy!

Thanks Chris for organising this CBYA event, and to Chris, Sue, Kath & Dave for the musical entertainment.

Those interested might like to view “The CBYA BIG Cat Cruise – THE MOVIE” by clicking here.

Hugh Epsom

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It looks like fun.

Thanks for the report. Glad a good time was had by all..
The Christmas dinner at Parador looks to be a winner too.

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