December 2015

Hobie Cat Images


Some images shared by our members on  Hobie Cat days.

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How to book your sail


In order to book your sail, you must first be an active member of CBYA and have these requirements:

  1. Be a active member of CBYA and have signed the Disclaimer form.

  2. Be a TOM skipper or a “CBYA certified dinghy skipper”.* if you are interested in becoming a dinghy skipper in order to be able to take the boat on your own, email us at

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Crew Agreement




  1. The persons listed below agree the following for the joint implementation of charter trips in the area of                 for the period __________________ to ____________________
  Full Name  


The person listed under 1 is the designated skipper.  The crew member listed under 2 is the skipper’s deputy. He takes over the skipper’s duties if the latter is unable to fulfil them.

    1. The skipper, on behalf of the crew, acts as lessor of the vessel. When rigging it to sail, the crew recognises the skipper can give them instructions.
    2. The content and meaning of the charter contract is known and understood by each crew member. The skipper is responsible for the preparation of the vessel.
    3. The skipper takes out a travel insurance on behalf of the crew for the estimated cost of the charter and trip. In the event that one or more crew members falls out before or during the trip the following is agreed:
      1. In the case of non-departure of the vessel, any costs not covered by the insurance will be split equally amongst the crew members.
      2. Any amounts already paid will only be repaid if covered by cancellation insurance. Remaining costs to be divided amongst the crew members.
      3. This rule is only valid if a substitute crew member cannot be found. The crew agrees to only reject a substitute if there are strong reasons for doing so.
    4. It is agreed that all claims arising out of the joint cruise costs – such as deposit, fuel, catering, port fees and other cash and in kind – be equally apportioned among the crew members. The same is true, regardless of liability for consequential costs from the cruise – such as damage to the ship, loss of equipment, etcIt is agreed that each crew member pays a fixed amount to the skipper to cover all expenses incurred on board and for the operation of the ship. When ashore, the crew members make their own arrangements.
    5. OR
  • Each crew member participates at their own risk and is responsible for his/her safety. The same applies for all the costs associated with the cruise and related operations. He/she must accept responsibility for all necessary security measures for themselves, for example, attaching the harness and/or wearing a life vest. Notwithstanding they must obey the instructions of the skipper as appropriate.
  • It is agreed to waive mutual claims, against the CBYA, providing the damage was not caused deliberately. This also applies for any misconduct of the skipper or a crew member.
  • The maritime rights and duties of the skipper, or leader of the vessel, will not be affected by the above agreements.


Place and date:












Cruising on the Costa Blanca


Cruising on the Costa Blanca

If you like to enjoy a relaxed day, or more, the CBYA members have the opportunity to cruise on a yacht, instead of racing. This is provided under the CBYA-organised monthly day charters which take place on every fourth week – alternating a Monday or a Tuesday – from Dénia. Occasionally the CBYA will also announce 2 days-trips, one week long trips and training sessions on a yacht. These cruising allow you to enjoy a pleasant day of sailing, together with your family or friends, along the beautiful coast of Costa Blanca. All of this depends on the CBYA to nominate a licensed skipper for the trip and at least one more experienced sailor within the crew.

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Sail Training on the TOMs


‘Sail Training’ on the TOMs creates the opportunity for sailors to choose what they would like to do as it can involve an element of structured learning, race training and non-race training sailing, subject to crew experience. Please let us know whether you want sail, or race, training. Even though some people have already advised they want to sail on this day, they must still respond to specific sail training day invitations, as this represents a commitment to sail (& pay) and keeps all the replies and organisation cleanly in the week that the TOMs sailing takes place. Places will be allocated on a ‘first come, first served basis’, subject to balancing experience of the crew. Hopefully you will be advised 2 days prior to the sailing event e.g. by Tuesday for people sailing on a Thursday, and Thursday for people sailing on a Saturday.

The skipper(s) and crew will normally meet in the Real Club Náutico de Calpe (RCNC) bar at 1030 hours, ready to do the administration and walk over to rig the TOMS at 1100 hours.

The current cost is €15 per person PLUS a valid Licencia Federativa (notes 2-4). The time for sailing is not exact as it depends on the weather and agreement with the skipper. Usually you will be out until about 1400 hours.


  1. Suitable clothes for the weather conditions and time of the year.
  2. Non-slip shoes.
  3. Sailing gloves, sun glasses, hat, sun screen (preferably non-greasy).
  4. Personal buoyancy aid, or one from the sailing school.
  5. Water and food/snack (a large bottle of water in summer).

For new FOTs members:

• There are changing rooms and showers.
• There are lockers, though sometimes limited, which need a 1€ coin to open (returnable).
• There is no need to take money, keys, valuables with you: put them in the lockers.
• Glasses, especially prescription specs, are best worn with a safety strap.
• If you need to take a mobile phone then use a waterproof pouch.
• There is a locker on the boat, but it is not waterproof. There should be dry plastic box in the bilges which will hold a few items, but better to seal  items in a plastic bag.
• Life jackets are provided by RCNC and MUST be worn by all CBYA members.
• Non-slip sailing shoes are best, but please call the current TOMs Organiser if you have any concerns about what to wear or take. The surface of the TOM is “non-slip” and as such can be wearing on clothes.
• You must be a member (temporary or full) of the CBYA & have signed a CBYA ‘Disclaimer Form’ before taking part in any CBYA sailing event.
• You must purchase the Licencia Federativa (School or Deportista) for the day, or hold an annual card (notes 2-4).

To enable you to plan your sailing dates please look at  and select Members’ Area, and then Calendar, from the drop down menu.

When we are in the tourist season, parking around RCNC can be difficult. However there is a dirt car park about 5 minutes away from the club. Go up the hill from RCNC (under the bridge) as if you were leaving, and take the first left. Drive along for about 200 metres and the car park is diagonally opposite on the right at the first junction.


Friends of the TOMs membership is free to all members of the CBYA. Only members of the CBYA may sail on the organised FOTs training days. Guests and potential new members must join the CBYA as either a full member, or a one month temporary member, AND sign a disclaimer form.

Click for links: Membership. Subscriptions and bank transfer details are also provided here

There a various options for you to decide the best one for you. In ANY event you will need your FULL NAME, NIE/PASSPORT number, DATE of BIRTH, ADDRESS,, E-mail address and mobile phone number.
Current options and rates (Jan 2016)

TOM training / liga racing / internal regattas ONLY:
Day cover €1.60 – payable RCN Calpe office.
Annual cover €8.50 – application at RCN Calpe office (note3).

Clubs & Open/External regattas, including TOM training / liga / internal regattas:
Day cover €TBA – payable at the Club Nautico office where the event is held.
Annual cover €60 – application at RCN Calpe office (note3).

For annual cover the first application should be done in the office of RCN Calpe (you will need your FULL NAME, NIE/PASSPORT number, DATE of BIRTH and ADDRESS) and in
subsequent years renewal will be via the CBYA at the end of a calendar year for the next year.
Annual Licencia Federativa application form is available at RCN Calpe office. Once application has been submitted and payment made, you will receive the LF number via e-mail or SMS to your mobile phone. We recommend that you print the e-mail message on receipt and keep a careful note of your number.

Details about the Licencia Federativa can be found with the links below. However please do NOT register for a licence online, ONLY apply at the RCN Calpe office. (in Spanish)
A rough translation can be obtained by copying and pasting the text into Google Translate

A reminder that you must be a paid-up member of the CBYA to take advantage of our TOMs agreement with the RCNC.