January 2015

How to Rig a TOM


(Instructions for newcomers)


  1. Collect the main sail, jib, spinnaker, jib sheets, spinnaker sheets, spinnaker pole, winch handle & Velcro fastener from the sail loft.
  2. Drop the main halyard and unfasten from the boom hoist connection.
  3. Shackle the main tack to the boom and the main clew to the out-haul.
  4. Fit the Velcro strip to hold the main down to the boom at the clew end.
  5. Fasten the main halyard to the head
  6. Feed the main into the mast track and hoist carefully to just above the first batten.
  7. Shackle the jib tack to the bow and hank on the sail.
  8. Fasten and run the jib sheets
  9. Fasten the jib halyard to the head
  10. After checking the spinnaker for tears and incorrect packing, tie the spinnaker bag to the hull in the correct position.
  11. Run the spinnaker sheets.
  12. Stow the spinnaker pole in the correct position and run the spinnaker sheet through the end of the pole.
  13. Stow the winch handle.
  14. Check all shackle pins and fastenings.
  15. Check inside of hull for dryness and stow bags.
  16. Fly the CBYA pennant!

Photos to follow.


Powerboat Cruising on the Costa Blanca


Power Boats, Cruisers, Speed Boats, Day Boats, we have them all.

Launching, Lifts and Moorings can be found at Denia, Javea, Moraira or Calpe. If the boat is on a trailer, there is many storage facilities in the area. There is a ramp for easy launching, in Javea on the ‘Canal’, leading out to Javea bay.

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