Costa Blanca, Spain

Crossing the Atlantic

Our member – Keri Theophilus, Crossed the Atlantic Summer 2012

In the autumn of 2012 Keri helped a friend to deliver a New Beneteau 41 from France to Brazil. He has kindly agreed that we can reproduce his blogs here. I am sure you will find them interesting.

First Blog      17th September – The Introduction

Second Blog 23rd September – Preparations

Third Blog      29th September – Ready for Departure

Fourth Blog    4th October – Les Sables to Cascais, Portugal

Fifth Bog       14th October – Arrived in TenerifeAtlantic

Sixth Blog      4th October – Arrived in Cape Verd

Seventh Blog 5th November – Crossed the Atlantic

Eighth Blog   13th November – Fernando de Noronha – Salvador

Final Blog       23rd November – Salvador – Angra dos Reis


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